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The CMNA possesses a representative and worthwhile collection of works by foreign artists, primarily of those who at one time or another exhibited in the Gallery of Primitive Art – today the Croatian Museum of Naive Art: the Pole Nikifor, the Frenchmen Simon Schwartzenberg and Germain van der Steen, the Italian Enrico Benassi, the German sculptor Erich Bödeker and the Dutchman Willem van Genk. From Macedonia comes the painter Vangel Naumovski, and from Serbia the sculptors Bogosav Živković and Milan Stanisavljević, the painter Ilija Bosijl, and one of the most celebrated Art Brut painters in the world, Sava Sekulić. Also in the collection are works of the Italian Pietro Ghizzardi, the Russian Pavel Leonov and the sculptress Sofija Naletilić Penuvaša. Their works show not only the exceptional contributions of the artists mentioned, but all the diversity of the Naive and its swings towards the trends of Art Brut and Outsider Art, phenomena that have in the last decade gained greatly in value and importance.
Nikifor (1895-1968)

The Street
1950-60, 180x255 mm
Watercolour, paper
The Courtyard
1950-60, 200x300 mm
Watercolour, paper
Scene from Krynica
ca 1950, 170x250 mm
Combined tehnique, paper
Simon Schwartzenberg (1895-1990)

Eiffel Tower
1960-1965, 650x450 mm
Oil, canvas
The Three Graces
1950-1968, 650x500 mm
Oil, canvas

Germain van der Steen (1897-1985)

Notre Dame
1963, 730x910 mm
Oil, canvas
Moon faced Cat
1962, 610x460 mm
Oil, cardboard
Enrico Benassi (1902-1978)

Hannibal Crossing the Alps
1976, 505x700 mm
Tempera, cardboard
Arrivals and Departures
1977, 500x700 mm
Tempera, plywood

Erich Bödeker (1904-1971)

The Woman Tamer
1970, 1260x310x390 mm
Coloured concrete
Football Players
Coloured concrete

Willem van Genk (1927-2005)

ca 1950, 495x645 mm
Indian ink, watercolour, paper
Vangel Naumovski (1924-2006)

1966, 1000x700 mm
Indian ink, paper
Tzar Samuil's Sorrow
and Flowering Tears
1968, 1200x1200 mm
Oil, canvas
Flowering Fires
1969, 1250x1950 mm
Oil, canvas

Bogosav Živković (1920-2005)

1962, 290x74x53 mm
1962, 253x92x83 mm
Prince Marko
1962, 500x260x80 mm

Milan Stanisavljević (1944)

1962, 387x137x100 mm
The Three
1987, 1270x500x320 mm
1987, 1900x403x355 mm

Ilija Bosilj (1895-1972)

Great Cosmonaut
1962, 1020x1450 mm
Oil, canvas
Flying Familly II
1963, 1308x1685 mm
Oil, canvas
Noah's Ark
1963, 660x1400 mm
Oil, canvas

Sava Sekulić (1902-1989)

Sisterhood is a Great
Thing, Daughters of Mine
1975, 1010x710 mm
Oil, cardboard
Napoleon and the Generals
1975, 1000x700 mm
Oil, cardboard
In the Embrace of My parents
1974, 840x600 mm
Oil, cardboard
Pietro Ghizzardi (1906-1986)

1971, 335x235 mm
Ballpoint pen, chalk, tempera,

Pavel Leonov (1920-2011)

Occurence While Fishing
1999, 1115x1587 mm
Oil, canvas
Thieves and Cheats Aren't
Allowed into Heaven
1997, 1097x1607 mm
Oil, canvas
Russian Travellers in Africa
1996, 945x1090 mm
Oil, canvas

Sofija Naletilić Penavuša (1913-1994)

1985, 600x310x210 mm
Coloured wood
Frog Turtle
1983, 370x440x590 mm
Coloured wood
Large Owl
1985, 800x255x285 mm
Coloured wood


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